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Torture and humiliation of minors in Jafon prison

The number of detained minors and children in the Israeli Jafon prison has risen to 62 prisoners, suffering from torture and humiliation, which has become the routine method practiced by the Israeli security forces against prisoners without taking into account their age.
Torture and humiliation of minors in Jafon prison
The Palestinian Prisoner Society’s lawyer, Fawaz Alshalodi, after visiting the prison on Tuesday, said that the majority of the prisoners languishing in it have been tortured with beating, severe beating, obscene insults and other methods of torture.

The PPS statement added that the prison, which has been opened last October due to the increase in arrest cases among children and minors, is still not ready to receive the security prisoners, as the prison’s administration deals with them as criminal prisoners and did not allow an adult prisoner to represent and guide minor prisoners as is the case in other prisons.

The minors confirmed that the prison’s administration storms the section from time to time, searches their belongings, beat them up, and imposes sanctions on them such as isolation, tying them to beds, and imposition of fines.

They also complained of the poor quality and quantity of food provided to them which they often refuse to eat, in addition to the lack of winter clothes and hot water. The prison administration also refuses to convert those who are ill to the clinic for medical tests or to provide them with treatment. Besides, some of them are deprived of family visits or communicating with their relatives on the phone.

In the same context, the lawyer documented a number of minor Jerusalemites prisoners’ testimonies who were tortured from the moment of their arrest, including captive Mufeed Ziad Saeeda, 16, who was severely beaten during his arrest and interrogation process, in addition to forcing him to sit in a squat position with his face toward the wall for three successive hours during which he was repeatedly slapped on the back of the neck.

The captive added that after being transferred to the Maskobiye detention center, he wanted to sleep as he was suffering from severe fatigue after the torture he was exposed to; the jailers threw him from on the floor of the cell, beat him, and strip-searched him. He pointed out that he was also beaten after being transferred to Jafon prison.

Minor Alaa Ibrahim Obaid, 17, was arrested by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) from a football field and was beaten all over his body. Then when he demanded one of his parents be present with him in the interrogation according to the law, his request was rejected, and he was beaten again. The prisoner added that all that was accompanied by obscene insults.

The captives Ahmed Khalil Rowedi, 17, and Mohammed Wael Abu Shama, 16, said that the IOF assaulted them with beating and obscene insults throughout the process of arrest and interrogation.

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